Friday, January 22, 2010

OMG I've Got Life Envy

For some reason lately, I have really been focused on this "be grateful for what you have" mentality. Especially considering some events that have happened recently (which will not be disclosed).

I don't know how many times in the past I have been talking to someone or hearing about their lives and thinking to myself, "I wish I had that" or "I wish I was as good as them at something" etc.

So as I was sitting in the hair salon in Cyprus, I came across this article which totally made me think of this!

I have finally made the decision (with a little self therapy) to tell myself,
"Why continue to make yourself miserable over things you don't have? You control the way you feel."
"Why want more when what you have is more than enough?"
"Morgan, there is always going to be someone smarter, prettier, more successful, funnier than you. GET OVER IT!"

Have you ever noticed yourself having Life Envy?
This is something I really want to work hard at and change.