Monday, January 4, 2010

What I Learned Today...

...technically yesterday since I just woke up. This time zone is tricky! It's like I am from the future.

Following Camilla's lead:

I learned...

  • That if I am what I eat then I am a huge yucky salad filled with things that should not be put together in a salad (eggs, apples, ham, corn, quinoa, cheese) Barf! But I ate it anyways because I want to get healthy and fit. I want to be that yummy crepe I had in Paris!
  • That every day I have a choice on whether or not I want to be happy. I am in control. Weird concept? Who would have thought that we have control over ourselves
  • I have two friends who are going to make this wedding possible and are working their butts off to help me out. I love you guys! I am so beyond grateful
  • I think about Berkeley a lot. You can stop smiling now Cam
  • My spelling and writing abilities are slowly diminishing. I realized this when I reread some of things I wrote and I noticed spelling mistakes like their instead of there or jeans instead of genes. I keep noticing I want to write toob instead of tube. TOOB ISN'T EVEN A WORD! WOW! I want to go back to school. I am feeling like a total retard but I can't help laughing at myself
  • I love having ME time sitting in my dark little bat cave blogging
  • I am starting to think that I would love to stay in America and find a job and settle down. You never realize how much you love the people around you until they are not there.
  • Okay so now we are departing the emotional/deep train and concluding on the final thing I learned which is that I don't eat enough red meat. I am bruising like a peach from volleyball! That has not happened since I started playing in the 7th grade. Time to start taking in some more iron.