Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Funday

Monday is the new Sunday.

{This picture has nothing to do with my post but I just thought it was so cool! I took it the other day while walking around the center of Nicosia. This Peace sign is right on the customs border between the Greek and the Turkish side of the city. This border was put in place because of the ongoing war between the Greeks and the Turkish. Oh, and enlarge the picture and check out the dude's nose on the right.}

I spent my Monday slaving away in the kitchen. It was such a blast dancing to some John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen while making my mother's Famous Almond Tea Loafs, Williams-Sonoma's Sweet Potato Soup, and Claire's Coleslaw.

The Tea Loafs are Incredible (think Costco's Poppyseed Muffins but way better) and I would absolutely love to share this recipe with you but my mother might kill me.
If I am going to ask her permission to publish this recipe, I am going to have to have your word that you will make this ASAP. Because if you're not going to make it, then I am going to save my ass and just avoid opening up this subject with her.

The Sweet Potato Soup was UNBELIEVABLE! I am begging you to make this because it was that good! Even Matt liked it and asked if I would make it a couple times a month. I was so proud because I am the furthest thing from a Chef. But I mean anyone can follow a recipe right?

{Displayed on our beautiful Easter placemat courtesy of Matt's mom}

That's what I thought, until I tried to make Claire's Coleslaw. I totally botched it and had to improvise. It turned out alright I guess. We threw a little chicken on top and voila....It became an edible meal.

All in all, my Morgan Time today was a hoot. I have a lot of fun with myself. We should hang out more often.

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