Sunday, March 28, 2010

So Now That I Am An Aunt...

I want to make sure I am the best Aunt in the world!

1. I need to brainwash her to call me "Cool Aunt Morgan" and make sure she believes I am the coolest Aunt ever!
2. I can't miss a birthday party and I must always have the coolest gift (other than her parents of course)
3. I need to take her for ice cream once a week and if not ice cream then to the movies for the latest Disney feature.
4. I will make sure to take pictures together so I can make a scrapbook to give to her when she no longer finds the idea of a scrapbook with her "Cool Aunt Morgan" very cool.
5. Be able to randomly pick her up from school and take her to Disneyland!

I want to go back in time and write up this list for my Aunts. They could have learned something from me.

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