Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who's Going To Win?

So my future in-laws are super into games.
If you could turn watching television into a game, they would do it.
Oh wait, they did! And what show would be more perfect for a tv contest other than the infamous AMERICAN IDOL!!!

This is the second consecutive year of our American Idol contest.
I actually think it makes the show more interesting and fun, not to mention it adds a little bit of inner family competition which is always good for the soul.

Now that the competition is down to 10 contestants, we each submit a list with the contestants in order of how they will leave the show. 1 is the winner and 10 is hasta la bye bye next week.

Scoring is a bit tricky and still being modified. So far it will play out like this....

1. Overall top ten scoring - Everyone ranks the top 10 contestants in the position you think they will finish, 10 to 1 (1 being the winner). Score 3 points if you get that person's departure week exactly right, 2 points if you miss that person's departure by 1 week off (before or after), and 1 point if you miss that person's departure by 2 weeks off (before or after).
2. Weekly scoring - Each week, based on what happened the week before, you identify the three people you think could be voted off in the order you think they are likely to leave (regardless of where you placed them in your overall list). Score 3 points if the person who leaves that week is who you said was most likely to leave that week, 2 points if that person is who you said is second most likely to go, and 1 point if you said that person is third most likely to go that week.

So Here Is What I'm Thinking For My Top Ten

Aaron Kelly, you by far have the best and most consistent voice. You struggle a bit with your dance moves but I just want to squeeze the poop out of you.

Big Mike, who doesn't just LOVE you? You're a solid singer but I don't feel like you're a standout singer that is going to give an audience goosebumps. I think you're going to do well because you're really well liked.
Siobahn, where do I begin? A. If you pronounce your name the way it is written, it doesn't even sound like the way the pronounce it on American Idol. It sounds like you are a character in Star Trek. 2. You're crazy, but slowly I am starting to like you more and more. I think your weirdness makes you mysterious so people are going to want to watch you to see the freaky stuff you do. If I could give you some advice, it would be to talk faster instead of like the Clear Eyes dude.
Lee, Can you please smile? Once? I feel like after you perform you just got sit and stare into a corner. Get some personality kid! You're voice kicks ass but it's very predictable. I still think you're great though.
Crystal, you are super original but I think what you have to offer is limited. You are very predictable as well but every performance is solid.
Casey, watching you while the group performs at the beginning of the show makes me uncomfortable. It's like you don't know how to move and you kind of freak out. Your vocals are so so but I guess girls think you're cute so you'll make it only this far.
Didi, sometimes you're awesome but other times it's like listening to nails on a chalkboard.
Tim, SNORE! Ever since you performed Apologize, I have wanted you to leave. Just go already! And your smile scares me.
Katie, I think you have serious potential but you seem a bit confused on who you are and what kind of singer you want to be. I think you just need a few more years and a couple more lessons.
Andrew, I am so disappointed. At the beginning I thought you were incredible and for sure the guy to beat but you have been picking horrible songs. You have an acoustic voice that goes best with your guitar. Moving around the stage and dancing just doesn't seem to be your style.

I miss you Paula!

Let me know what you guys think and we can put together a master list and win this Proper Family competition!

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