Friday, April 9, 2010

Aren't The Boys Going To Look So Dapper?

I really just wanted to use the term dapper
Makes me feel so English....I don't even know if it's an English word.

Anyways, these are the boys' suits! Obviously the ties will be a different color but they just look so darn sharp.
I know all you ladies are excited to see the studs Matt ordered online for his groomsmen.
Just kidding, they are his real friends. But stating this now officially makes Matt responsible for their actions at our wedding.
Andy Proper- Matt's Brother
Paul Spittle- Spittle

Nathan Meerstein- Meers, The Gazelle, The Meers

Andy Kubic- Juice, Pain Train, Sensitive Sally, Crash

Garrett Beck- My darling baby brother commonly known as Uggs (short for ugly. I promise it's a loving relationship)

Dan O'Dell- Boner, DOD

And last but not least, my absolute favorite..
Lucas Walker- Vulture, Blicky, Wolfpack, Bloic, MmmBloic, Tenderfoot Timmy (please note that these were all self proclaimed)

I am just hoping our wedding doesn't result in a pants off party like the last Penn State wedding we went to. It's not like they will be easy to hide in the crowd while doing their ridiculous antics since they range in size from 6'2'' to 6'10''

Yes, this really happened. Classy fellas

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