Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Is What My Day Consisted Of...

We started the day off by locking our keys in the apartment. Thank goodness the first story of our apartment complex is only 2 feet taller than Matt and thank goodness that boy loves to climb.
Too bad everything was locked once he pulled himself up onto our balcony.
Once we got our keys, we spent the day at the beach. This is the President of the Cyprus Volleyball Federation's grandson.
Greatest game ever! We played this at Costa Coffee while sipping our yummy hot cocoa so we could start winding down our day.

Delish! But doesn't compare to the hot chocolate at Fertile Grounds in Berkeley.

This was the first time I ever had one of these Macarons. I didn't even know what they were called until I spent 30 minutes searching for them online once I got home.
I thought they would be crunchy cookie outsides with a simple filling. I definitely did not expect the delectably fabulous soft cookie with rich centers. Such a wonderful surprise and possibly my new favorite treat.

Yeah I know, I need to get out more.

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