Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weird Little Fact

So my brain works in weird ways, and this is not even close to one of the weirder thought processes I have had.
Okay, sooooooo I was getting ready for bed and thinking through all of the online sites I usually check before I hit the sack. I realized I completely forgot about FormSpring. I typed in the URL and up popped 5 new questions in my inbox. One of the questions was, "What is your favorite non alcoholic beverage." My first response was "Arizona Green Tea by the gallon" accompanied by a shout out to my second family the Pestolesi's. When the Pestolesi's popped into my head, I automatically started thinking about the amazing chocolate chip cookies Tom Pestolesi makes daily which are usually drowned with a huge glass of ice cold milk which then got me thinking about milkshakes. Then I thought to myself "Duh! Vanilla milkshakes from Baskin Robbins are my favorite non alcoholic drink." So I went back onto FormSpring, resubmitted the question, and added Baskin Robbin's milkshakes to my favorite non alcoholic drink category.
And you know when you repeat a word over and over again it starts to sound really weird? Well I did this with Baskin Robbins. I couldn't get that stupid milkshake out of my head. Then I thought about the name of this ice cream store. What an odd name for ice cream right? I mean shouldn't their logo be a Red Robbin sitting in its nest, basking in the glorious bright sun?
That is what I see when I think Baskin Robbins, but that could just be me. Actually, I know it's just me.
So back onto the internet I went to see how exactly this store got it's name. Baskin Robbins was named after its two co-founders: Burton "Burt" Baskin and Irvine "Irv" Robbins. Unfortunately, the answer was very anticlimactic to this whole cluster of nonsense I was pondering. But then it got me thinking about the name Burton Baskin. What a wonderfully horrible name. Just say it to yourself and you can't help but feel the pain that poor kid went through during his childhood.

Burton Baskin

This got me thinking about my unborn children's names and how I liked the name Parker.
Parker Proper
But the only thing that popped into my head after thinking of this was Burton Baskin.
I just can't do that to my children.

This then got me thinking about how incredibly weird I am and how incoherent my mind is.
So naturally I blogged about it.

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