Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A.D.D. Could Be The End Of This Blog

I am still waiting on getting the pictures back from the first shoot of the summer but here is a little sneak peek into what it looked like...

I have been running around like a wild banshee since I have been home.
From photo shoots to wedding planning, it doesn't seem I have gotten a chance to take a break.
But don't get me wrong...I love stepping back into this fast paced life style after spending 7 months in bed in a far off land. I feel alive again and like I am making a difference in not only my life but in others (i'm not quite sure whose though) haha

Update on wedding plans:
Since I have been back I have gotten the groomsmen's ties, the bridesmaid's gifts (I would totally show you guys but my most avid reader is my Maid of Honor. Little does she know, I only picked her as my Maid of Honor because she reads my blog) Love you Cam! My dress came in and I am tickled skinny (wish I was tickled skinnier but I guess skinny works) It is more perfect than anything I could have ever wished for. Not to mention, it doesn't even need to be tailored. How lucky is that? The flower girl dress came in and I wish I was small enough to wear it. I might love it more than my dress. I picked out my veil and got it on sale for $100 from it's original price of $330. SCORE! We also go my mom's Mother of the Bride dress and WOW! That hot little mama might steal the show. I got the tuxes rented and some really cool/funny accessories for the groomsmen which should put a smile on most peoples' faces.

Today I have scheduled the cake tasting, reception menu tasting, and the rehearsal menu tasting. The in-laws are in town so what better time to get all this stuff done and allow for them to participate. I don't really know if they wanted to but they don't really have a choice now.

I got a chance to see my sister's baby girl Stella and she is the most precious thing ever! I think my sister is in as much shock as we are that a living person grew inside of her and is made of her flesh and blood. So trippy to think about.

What a doll!! Uncle Matt is just so cute!

Check out this little

note I wrote to myself a few months ago.
I was having a miserable day yesterday and when I got the email that it was posted on Red Boots and I read through the letter, it really lifted my spirits and changed my day around. I am so thankful for the little things in life that have the power to change your day :)

Hope you enjoyed the little recap and I will get back to full time blogging soon!