Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Still Here!!!

These are totally hot right?!?!

Wedding plans have consumed my every day life, my dreams, and are intertwined into all of my thoughts. So for any of you who have maintained a job, planned a wedding, AND blogged.....I COMMEND YOU!

So the groomsmen's ties came in!!! I was so excited only to open the box to the wrong color ties!!
Most would think the solution to this would be new ties?!?! For any normal size person this would be a super quick fix but unfortunately these ties were custom ordered for the massively large friends Matt is having as groomsmen. IT TOOK 2 MONTHS TO GET THESE TIES IN!
I had two options...

1. Sit down on the middle of the floor in Nordstrom and cry hysterically


2. Frantically start looking for new ties

Clearly an emotional scene was not what I wanted to go for even though my eyes were welling up with tears so I reluctantly took a deep breath and began my hunt for the perfect shade of plum.
I think I have purchased about 24 ties and brought them home to match with the bridesmaid's dresses. And you think matching a purple would be easy? Guess again. Out of the dozens of ties I have bought, I have had NO luck. No matter what way I switch the light or turn the flash on and off on my camera, none of them seem to be just right.

Side Note (and point of the picture): Anyone else think spanx are super sexy? I tried them on for my fiance and he ran in the other direction?! I strongly believe they are one of the greatest inventions ever!!! And for you men you have cringed at the thought of high-waisted, inevitable camel toe, spandex tummy tucks.... give a girl a break!