Tuesday, July 20, 2010

People Have NO Manners These Days

So this irritation started on Saturday when I attended Paul and Kristy's wedding.  They put together such a beautiful event and people that RSVP'ed "yes" didn't even show up!  Their loss because they missed the really cool mariachi band.

Paul and Kristy
Anyways, Matt and I were sitting at a table for 10 and there were only 4 of us sitting there!!! 
"HOW RUDE!" I thought as I tried not to panic about my wedding.

My panic still has not subsided due to the fact that the Manhattan 6 Man is taking place the day of my wedding...
....and no I'm not that idiotic to plan my wedding on the biggest debauchery of the year.  The idiots that plan this event changed the date on me and just so happened to switch it to the day of my wedding.  And no, my friends haven't taken too kindly to the fact that they will have to miss the one weekend a year we all look forward to.
So as you may have observed from the picture above, the probability of people "bailing" on the wedding is at a much higher rate than that of Paul and Kristy's wedding weekend.

Subject #2 that makes me feel people these days have ZERO manners.  Our wedding is taking place in 11 days and we are still receiving RSVP's in the mail.  The RSVP deadline was June 30th.  Up until a week ago we still had 40 people who had yet to RSVP!!!!