Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Game Plan For Today.

1. Ride my bike over to Balboa Island and get a pick-me-up cup of joe to get my day rolling.  Maybe I'll venture out and try some green or white tea since everyone seems to be making the switch.  It's like the latest craze next to switching from blackberry to iPhone.
2. Make sure to text Camilla 100 times and pester her with "Is here there yet?" messages.  Her main squeeze is flying in today and they will reunite after 5 weeks apart.
3. Try to get a hold of this bride who asked me to plan her wedding.  Can't really plan a wedding without the opinion of the bride.
4. Attempt to redeem some miles from Copa Airlines for flying to Costa Rica.  It's like pulling teeth from these people.  Not to mention we waited in a line of 10 people for 90 minutes to check in!  Never take this airline anywhere.
5. Force myself to workout today.  It doesn't really help that the gym is a 15 minute drive from my house.  At least I learned that the key to getting yourself to the gym is all about proximity.  If it's not close you're less likely to get your ass on that elliptical.
6. Sign up for Bikram Yoga.
7. Matt just reminded me that we need to finish our thank you cards from the wedding.  We did such a good job before we left for our honeymoon and got all but 7 done.  Those 7 remaining cards are daunting.
8. And last but not least, smile at least 10 times today and give Matthew lots of kisses.
I figured ending in something positive would makeup for the last 7 to-dos being negative.