Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy One Month Anniversary!

I did it!
Well, WE did it!
We really did it!
Today is Matthew's and my one month wedding anniversary!
I bought him a big boy's BBQ yesterday but I don't think he really got the idea that it was for the one month wedding anniversary. 
He even admitted to not being excited about it!  The nerve!

Well pshhh, I am excited about it!  So forget him.
Honestly, I don't think he even realizes we have been married for a month....shoot, I don't even think he realized he married me at all.
I'm maybe kind of hoping Matt comes home with something pretty like this for me.
Well lucky for me it happened whether or not he realizes it.  And lucky for me our one month anniversary falls on our weekly date night (which I highly recommend to all you serious couples out there) so we will get to celebrate this special day even if Matt is so confused as to why I am so excited about tonight's date night.
I think I'm going to BBQ!