Thursday, August 19, 2010

Honeymoons Should Be A Yearly Occurrence

because they are just that amazing!
View from our room

Costa Rica was such a great call on our part.   Minus the fact it was the beginning of rainy season which resulted in lots of relaxing down time, it was one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to.  

It is such a colorful country.  Literally.  Deep shades of green, lush forest melded together with a spectrum of topaz blues which stand as the backdrop to the bright, bold, exotic flowers and surplus of multicolored birds, tree frogs, and butterflies. 

For some reason the color alone excited me; especially on a rainy day where the colors would melt together like a watercolor.  It was so surreal that it was nearly impossible to leave.

Each morning began with an incredible breakfast.  Some local fruit bursting with juices and a cup of the world famous Costa Rican coffee for me while Matt piled his plate with eggs, waffles, fruit, potatoes, and washed it all down with some fresh squeezed orange juice.  As we sat poolside and casually ate our breakfast we would discuss the unlimited amount of possibilities we could do that day.  

We managed to accomplish a lot.  From zip lining, white water rafting, playing with monkeys at Manuel Antonio National Park, to lounging by the pool, walking through a frog and butterfly exhibit and a relaxing couples massage.  I did wish we got a chance to go deep sea fishing and cruise over to Tortuga Island but I guess we'll have to save those for next time we venture down to Costa Rica.

Matt climbing for coconuts

Even though this honeymoon was amazing and as sad as it is to say, if I could plan this trip all over again I would have planned it completely different from what we did.  Yes, I got to spend a week enjoying my husband's company but there is so much more in Costa Rica I would have loved to see and do.  Maybe a couple of different nights in a couple of different places would have done the trick but I definitely know I will be heading back in the near future so there will be a second chance to see and do everything we missed.

* Sorry for the 50 million pictures.  I just think they are so fun!