Sunday, September 12, 2010

Korea Bound

For some reason the fact that I am going to Korea on Tuesday reminded me of Sailor Moon and giga pets.
Either way I am so excited but even more nervous.
I am going for work which entails 7 straight days of volleyball.
Whoops, I guess I should have been playing.
Technically it's a tryout but
It's a free vacation.
Plus I have never been to Korea
but isn't there bad stuff going on there right now?
That makes me nervous too.

This all just happened so fast.  I got an email yesterday saying I was leaving Tuesday.  Then I got my flight itinerary this morning.
Wow.  Wish me luck!

Sorry if none of this made sense and is just a whirlwind of information.  It's kind of how my brain is working at this point considering this recent news.

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