Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Labor Day Plans

I get to go here tomorrow!

I am so thrilled!
A weekend full of wake boarding, tubing, lying on a raft and drinking margaritas.
The last time my  family went on a vacation together I am pretty certain I still had a mouth full of metal braces, a training bra, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas glued to my school binder.
Clearly not much has changed.

On a different note...

Today was a very special day
I got to see my beautiful sister and my adorable 5 month old niece Stella.
I can't believe how big she has gotten!
I also got to see my amazing great aunt Adeline who is turning 99 on Friday.
She is absolutely fabulous.  So smart and witty and completely there.  She remembers things that no one else in the family can remember and she screams around with her little walker.
Such a hoot!

P.S. It really makes my day when I have new followers.
I'm not kidding!
36 made me smile

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