Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Was AWESOME!

The menagerie of people was reason enough to go to Lake Mead for Labor Day.
We had all types from brides, to tattooed covered couples, to beauty queens, to old, wrinkled farts.
People watching was clearly at an all time high.
The casinos were packed.
You know those ant farms with the two flat sheets of plastic on either side where you can see the whole colony frantically running around?
I felt like I was in one of those which just so happened to be built inside an ambulance siren light.
There were bright colored signs hanging above the dozens of restaurants
as well as multicolored lights frantically flashing from the slot machines with the occasional violent ringing in celebration of the lucky winner
people scurrying to and from blackjack and roulette tables in hopes of being able to buy that new pair of shoes
scantily clad women walking around with trays of alcohol for people like myself who gambled until the wee hours of the morning.
I clocked in at the blackjack table at 10 pm and played until 9 am.
Okay so maybe late morning.
For this reason I resorted to coffee and tea instead of the Jack and cokes that seemed to quench about the entire casinos thirst.
I had my family convinced I had some sort of gambling addiction.
After collecting my winnings (or losses in most cases) I would head upstairs to change and then nap on the drive out to the lake.

Wakeboarding, tubing, beersby (which Ryan and I dominated), fast boat rides, and lounging in the lake.
I know the gambling seemed fun but this was the absolute best part of the trip!
I mean what more could you want other than sun, water, and fast boats?
Unfortunately for most of the boaters, the water level at Lake Mead has gone down 122 feet over the past couple of years which meant a lot less sandy beaches and a lot more quicksand.
Your body would literally go waist deep into the ground when you would step off the boat.
Awesome right?!?!
Tubing was by far the funniest part.
Labor Day + Lake Mead = Lots of boats
Lots of boats = Choppy water and huge wakes

Stay with me.

Choppy water and huge wakes + Tubing = Serious air and massive wipeouts
I can't even tell you how many face plants and fantastically frightening wipeouts our group had but thanks to my new camera I got most of it on film.

Just so you can enjoy a few of the wipeouts as much as we did.