Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"You Can't Hit A Home Run If You Don't Get Up To Bat"

The wise words from my husband regarding my callback for GNC.
It was such a long day and needless to say I spent four hours at my callback and didn't get the job.
-Insert sad face here-
But always leave it to my husband to bring some light into my negative line of thinking and make everything better.
So this morning to make things better
Yippee!  It was seriously miserable and I could not stop shaking.
I also went on a beautiful walk with my husband around Balboa Island this morning.
I love calling him my husband.  It just doesn't get old (for me at least)

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite things about walking around the island.
I love these little gates.  They remind me of Nantucket.
Separation between tranquility and chaos.
The sense of humor required for island life.
Everyone is so proud of their gardens and each house has an exquisite blend of colors.  I additionally love the reflection in the glass.  How perfect!
Walking with him xo