Friday, October 8, 2010

Giving Back Feels Good

So anyone who knows me knows that for some very odd reason kids LOVE me.  And this is not just like "oh, Morgan, let's play."  This love falls more along the lines of kicking and screaming and tantrums when that poor child has to go home and leave my amusing sense of humor.  
I don't really get it.
As I have slowly come to the conclusion that these children probably like me because we are on similar wave lengths or potentially, dare I say, mental capacities, I have grown fond of my interaction with new friends (who just so happen to be half my age if not less).  It's always fun to find someone who laughs at my jokes and enjoys my company instead of rolling their eyes at my sense of humor in a pitiful and shallow need to feel superior.  I chalk it up to adolescence.
So I figured since I get along with kids, kids like me, and I love volleyball....I should coach!!!
Okay, this may not fall under the lawyer/super model gig I had in mind but I must admit, it is so incredibly rewarding.
I have recently been doing private lessons with this girl in the local area who is the most adorable kid ever. She is so outgoing and incredibly bright with such a drive to be great at this sport.  I can't even express how rewarding it is to watch her take leaps in improvement since the first day we started her lessons.  I mean this kid has been catching on so fast.  I even had the pleasure of receiving an email from her mother the other day telling me that when her daughter went back to serve, she made two beautiful, strong serves over the net.  Did I mention she was serving overhand too!!
I am just so proud!
For all of you slackers out there, don't forget to enter the giveaway (two posts down).
As for the store, here's how it will kind of go.
-Half of all the proceeds will be given to a different charity every week.  If you have a particular charity in mind or want me to dedicate this store to it, I am always open to suggestions.
-Whatever is not sold after two weeks will go on sale for 3 days and then be taken down completely and donated.  If you would like to bargain on something, I am open to that as well.
I'm aiming for a WIN WIN situation.