Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Matthew!!!

How cool are these candles that burn the color of the wax!
Hi Honey,
I so wish I could be with you today on your birthday to help you celebrate and make your day full of smiles and kisses.  And I know the present I got you doesn't make up for the day we had planned, but I hope you have a fabulous birthday full of playing with your new toy I got you, healthy food, working out, adventures outdoors, and seeing some friends.  I'm hoping to send you the best birthday present ever today consisting of a ticket to Moscow!  But in the meantime, I hope your man date with my dad is sufficient enough to celebrate your big day.
But since today is your birthday, I have full reign to get completely mushy and sentimental.

I'm sorry to all of my bloggers that you have to read this and I promise my little obsession with notes on my blog will end pending an international cell phone.

Matty Pants, I am so thankful to have you in my life.  You have been a blessing and have made me view the world in a whole new way.  You have guided me through the tough times and have created such a desire in me to be a better person.  You are my better half and I live for the days we get to spend together and the nights snuggling on the sofa watching Desperate Housewives.  My heart still beats faster when you hold my hand and my palms still get sweaty when you come in the room.  It's like I am a kid falling in love over and over again.  I guess what I am trying to say is that....
Marrying you was the best choice I have ever made :)

Happy Birthday Honey Baby Boo Bear