Monday, October 11, 2010

Life is crawling along slowly which has given me plenty of time to notice that I am so busy looking into the future for what might be instead of enjoying now and what IS.  I just got married to such a wonderful man and my life is pretty awesome, so I should really be enjoying now and the journey with my new family.  With that, my new efforts with my wish list are going to be in the here and now.


~ For Olive and Jack to get along so we can keep our little happy family together
~ To create the most wonderful birthday experience for the most wonderful husband
~To get a job.  It hurts to say that.
~ To workout once a day this week.  It hurts even more to say that.
~ bgggoolgfolfolfolfidsu (that is Jack's wish.  He wanted to be included)
~ For my Nike commercial to result in residuals.

Oh! Update...
I'm going to New York on November 17th to see if I can make the stars align.  I'm sooooo excited!  Potential apartment hunting?