Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

For those of you who did not want the tickets to see the Counting Crows play on Friday night, jokes on you.  It was one of the most incredible nights.  The weather was perfect and the stars were bright overhead the intimate little theater.  The movie was funny and Adam sounded absolutely incredible live.  He put on the most fabulous show that left me speechless.  The night would have been great either way because of the company but the whole evening turned out to be a great success.  I'm so happy we went.
I got my hair done too!  Whoa blondie!
Saturday I got to spend the day playing volleyball for charity.  It was a really cool event that was put on by JAYO charity where so many people, whether they be professional volleyball players, celebrities, or the 9-5 businessman, came and participated in an all day co-ed grass tournament along side of coaching kids in the morning.
My team won the tournament which is always a plus and I made a ton of new friends in and out of the volleyball world.  I can't wait for this event to be put on again next year!
My team celebrating after we won the tournament
Sunday was the best day this weekend.  I got to sit at my parent's house, relax on the sofa, and watch Sunday Night Football to celebrate my dad's birthday.  We finished the night off with some of my mom's famous pecan crusted chicken and my dad's favorite white cake with chocolate icing.  I haven't been able to eat since because I am still so full.
I think I covered all the bases this weekend.  I had a night of fun with friends, I got to participate in giving to charity, and I spent a day with family.  I am feeling pretty good right now.