Thursday, December 2, 2010


I can't believe it's the best month of the year already!!  More importantly I can't believe 2010 is quickly coming to a close and 2011 is right around the corner.

Remember when we thought the world was going to blow up when the clock hit midnight to bring in 2000.

Yeah, we'll we are 11 years past that now and it feels like it has only been maybe 5.

To my friends, I am sorry I have been MIA lately.  I have been going through a pretty rough patch lately and I am so used to spilling my feelings all over my blog, and as much as spilling my guts about this on here would make me feel better, I don't think it is in my best interest.  I promise I will be back soon with some stories about life in Russia and hopefully a promising New Years resolution list.
But for now I am in desperate need of a nap in order to sleep off this nasty hangover.  Oh, to be 18 again and be able to wake up ready to run a marathon after a marathon of drinking the night before.  And by 18 I mean 21, the legal age of alcohol consumption.