Sunday, January 30, 2011


Lunch! Nom Nom Nom!
"F*&$ THIS and F*@$ YOU!"...
....came mumbling out of my mouth this morning when viewing the incredibly high number staring back at me from the little glass window on my scale.  And trust me, that dumb piece of modern technology that is more of a torture contraption than a helpful device almost saw it's last day and read it's last pound this morning.
After realizing that it's only partially my scale's fault for being accurate and honest, I decided to spare it from total domination.  However, I have decided that sometimes my scale should take some advice from men and instead of giving you proof that your ass does look fat in those jeans, to just read "error."

So today was my panic day.  Don't start gossiping and thinking that I am going anorexic but I really just want the scale to read a weight that doesn't make me lose my breath tomorrow when I see it.

Day #1
(really trying to embrace the European time format)
Let's play I spy....
Who can find the problem?
I think it's clear that I consumer 99% of my calories between 17.00 and 22.00.
I should probably work on that.