Saturday, January 1, 2011


The range of emotions and drastic changes in my life in 2010 I hope stay in 2010.  It's finally 2011 and the world is still whole, no thanks to the idiots setting off fireworks 2 feet from my window.  
These weren't little fireworks either, these were like Disneyland status firework show.  Grand Finale almost shattered all of my 4 in the morning.
My night was really exciting.  Starting at 4 pm, I showered, lathered my long, smooth stems with lotion, took 2 hours to do my makeup and hair, put on my shortest dress and my highest pair of heels only to sit in bed and watch a movie.  
Take my advice and don't ever watch I Love You Phillip Morris
Snore and Barf
Oh!  I also cleaned my flat and did the dishes (in my short dress and heels of course) so I could start 2011 with a fresh and neat slate.

In 2011, I plan on accomplishing one goal.

Learning a new language  
Being over here in Russia or in Europe in general makes me realize how stupid Americans are (and by Americans, I mean me).  We don't take the time to learn other languages or cultures or even pay attention to what is happening in places other than American (and by we, I mean me).  I sit and listen to my teammates and friends speak in many different languages and know not only about my culture and what is happening in my neck of the woods, but also in the rest of the world.  I mean shit, they told me the airports in NYC were closed before I even heard it from my family.
Feeling a little uneducated, sheltered, naive....take your pick.

Second goal would be dropping the 16 lbs I have put on since I have been here.