Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Once again, I embarked on an adventure to Israel only to have the most incredible time!  I think it's a sign that Israel is where I should be spending some portion of my life, whether it be 1 month or 10 years.  My guess it will probably be closer to one month.
The flight service to Tel Aviv was fantastic.  With a full row to myself I stretched out and caught some shut eye only to awaken to soft comfy blankets that smelled like flowers.  For those of you who do not live or spend much time in Europe, soft blankets are a serious luxury compared to the usual stiff, line-dried sand paper we use on a daily basis.
A couple days in the sun with my mother and some healthy, natural, fresh food was exactly what I needed to reset my body to pound the court for three more months before I travel back to Israel to renew my visa for a second time.  I am even more excited for Mission Israel: renew visa round two because I may get to lay on the beach for a day in a bikini and most likely catch up on some much needed tanning time.

I will leave you all with a collection of some very disjointed pictures I took on our trip to Jerusalem.  Such an incredible city with so much history.  If you ever want to feel completely insignificant or an intense desire to figure out your purpose, I suggest you take a little trip to Jerusalem.