Friday, January 14, 2011

Marina may have left today and I may be very sad but I am going to see this as the first day of a fresh start.
I seem to be having lots of fresh starts lately.....
let's hope I can get this one right.

My friends, I have managed to do the incredible!
I have put on so much weight that I don't recognize myself.
I wake up every morning and I look like I got my wisdom teeth removed.
My coach has even noticed and started making me ride the bike every day after every practice.
My initial reaction was depression and wanting to curl up in a hole and starve myself until I could actually look at my reflection in a mirror without feeling total shame.
However, due to my profession, my skimpy skin tight uniform, and my televised matches, I have to deal with humiliation and embarrassment of lacking total self control.
I guess the only way to deal with this is to laugh and drop some serious weight fast.