Monday, May 16, 2011

Back down the same road, embarking on what seems to be the all too familiar, never ending weight loss journey.  This daunting, seemingly impossible task to shed a few pounds, I believe, is going to be the key to getting my life back into the fast lane of accomplishing my goals.  But the problem I face here is that it takes consistent discipline and hard work; both being tasks that I fall short of excellence at....short of mediocre for that matter.  I might as well just put it out there and say that I am horrific at putting effort into anything that is difficult and doesn't show immediate results.
Problem #2....Because I do have this undesirable characteristic of striving for immediate results, when I finally make the decision to exercise my willpower, I STOP EATING!  Now isn't that stupid.
Bye Bye Metabolism!

What really nerves me is that a couple of guy friends here in Puerto Rico eat TWICE as much as I do if not more and still lose weight like they suffer from some sort of eating disorder.
I'm going to start putting lard and creatine in their food and see who will have the last laugh.

My goal is to be back to normal by Camilla's wedding!
But I must admit, I am more excited to see how amazingly gorgeous she is going to look!