Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camilla took me to her happy place up in San Francisco.  
We went traipsing around through this fairy tale land lined by quiet waters weaving down through the pebble stone brooks and listening to the whispering of the grandfather oaks swaying in the wind.  The woods of the Dark Forest are so peaceful and I can totally understand as to why she frequents this place multiple times a week.  I have never felt so insignificant in my life standing next to centuries of eyes that have watched the world change and viewed generations of people walk under these trees like we did.  It almost made all my problems seem silly.
So up around all these windy trails we went, exploring new little areas and brainstorming photo shoot ideas.  She took great pleasure in mentioning we were in mountain lion territory which of course caused me to scream at every little sound.  Our conversation was little help distracting my mind of the possible man eater around the corner but none the less we had an amazing time.

I don't think we have ever had a conversation within the past 6 years that didn't involve food and men.
Definitely creatures of habit.