Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let me tell you a little about my trip back home to L.A.
First let me pose this question...
Why do all of my trips either go smoother than creamy peanut butter or with about as much luck as a blind man trying to drive down the 405 in rush hour traffic, collision free?  
It's like these scenes are sets of a twisted comedy.
Anyways, New York was an absolutely blast.  We definitely did the city and our trip back east the right if you could really do it the wrong way.  We were wined and dined and explored all over this city that's constantly sprinting through time.  Sounds, smells, and lights created this buzz of energy that was addicting.  
We also took some giant steps towards our ultimate goal of creating a life for ourselves doing what we love and we had fun while doing it (which is key!)
Obviously this whole trip would have just been way too good to be true if we were upgraded to first class, got a free flight, and had a nonstop home.  Unfortunately we were not that lucky and reality had to step in and give us a huge slap in the face.

This whole debacle began with our last meeting in NYC the day we were supposed to depart for home.  I don't know if any of you have ever tried to drive in that city, but east-coasters don't exactly have the best reputation for driving with aloha.  Honking, swerving, and middle fingers are all about the best you could expect without getting lost of course.
But guess what....not only did we get all of those unwanted happenings but we got lost as well.
2.5 hours later we finally arrive to our meeting 30 minutes late.
I feel it's safe to say our tardiness was not taken too kindly.
Post meeting and a terrible cup of coffee that exploded all over our clothes, Chelsea and I headed back home to pack up and head to the train station.
That's right.....the train station.....IN PHILADELPHIA!
So we drove, and drove, and then drove a little further from Newark all the way to Philadelphia just to hop on our train which took us right back to Newark airport in order to catch our flight from Newark to LAX.
For days we tried to change this itinerary, but without suffering the consequences of an $800 change fee we couldn't alter this insanely unreasonable schedule to make our travels the slightest bit more accommodating.
Did I mention we had no ride to the train station in Philadelphia and had to ask the pool boy to drive us?
Yeah, that really happened.

So now we're on the train
There are no seats together anywhere
It smelled like we were in a porto potty
And I'm almost positive I have a rash on the back of my legs from sitting on those seats
(shorts were a bad choice)
Once back to Newark, we sprinted into what was all too familiar three hours prior to our train ride only to find serpentine lines winding all through the airport.  Not only were these lines for the security check point but even for checking in through Continental.
Made me really miss Delta.
Three hours later, our emotionally and physically exhausted bodies were slumped into our middle seats waiting to take off.
30 minutes after that, our emotionally, physically, mentally, hurting bodies were slumped into our middle seats still waiting to take off.
Finally, with our backs feeling like someone is swinging a bat at our spine every 5 minutes, we have lift off.
This flight felt like it went on for days!
6.5 hours later, Chelsea and I had never been so happy to land.  Holding back sobs from just wanting a shower and a comfortable, quiet place to lay we crawled off this torture chamber and finally made it home.

Needless to say