Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So excited for my little trip tomorrow with Chelsea.  We head out super early which for some reason I always really enjoy.  
I love getting up before the sun comes up to go on an adventure.  It just makes everything that much more exciting.  Plus traveling early is so hassle free when the world is so quiet and still.
So off to New York City we go at 6:30 tomorrow morning out of LAX.  This is going to be Chelsea's first time in New York so I am really excited to show her around.  We have some meetings which could potentially jump start our careers and some fun dinner dates with friends.
I definitely think the Naked Cowboy and the Today Show are a must!
After a few days of a lot of work and little play, we are heading down to New Jersey to play our second tournament in Seaside Heights.  
I'm hoping we have a special appearance from Snookie.

Wish us luck!