Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There is one person I admire more than anyone this week.
It's my best friend Camilla.
Let me tell you, this girl is a super star.
Yeah, duh, she has all the qualities like hard working, brilliant, determined,wise, brave, creative, and ambitious.
Now add to that gorgeous, compassionate, an excellent listener, loyal, speaks four languages, has the best voice I have ever heard (I make her sing to me), is a witty writer, and is marrying a super star Olympic swimmer.
Clearly she is a force to be reckoned with.
This might not come as a surprise to anyone when describing a person you admire.  But all those desirable qualities are not the reasons why I admire her (this week).

When you are as awesome as her, most people get caught up in their status and their accomplishments.  They feel the need to be viewed as perfect...but not Camilla.  She is humble and true to herself and her emotions.  She doesn't try to put up that brave front. She is even more brave by allowing herself to feel her emotions, stay true to herself, break down, and then rebuild even stronger than before.  There is no problem that can't be fixed.  Her words are wise yet so simple that you feel stupid for not thinking them yourself.  Now combined that with her artistic mind and you can only imagine some of the masterpieces she has created in her life filled with passion and wisdom.
She makes me so proud to have her as my friend.

"Keep it up Killa Cam" -Lindsey Walling

You are doing beautifully brave and bold things and The Violet is just the beginning!
Can't wait for the launch of your second issue on Friday!