Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chelsea and I ended up having to forfeit our semi final match to Norway.  The heat ended up being far too much to handle.
At the beginning of set two, I turn off the net only to see Chelsea dive for a ball and start convulsing on the spot due to a heat stroke.  In full on panic, I ran over and hoisted her into my arms to get her out of the sun. After an afternoon in the hospital, we somehow managed to help her have a full recovery.
It was a terrifying way to end our tournament but luckily we got on a flight that night and headed back to America.  
With a pretty terrible start to our day, we were both pleasantly surprised with an absolutely successful day of traveling.  We lucked out with our flight from Ulsan to Seoul with not only the ability to change the flight without paying a change fee but the plane was also completely empty.  Once in Seoul, Chelsea and I batted our eyelashes and flashed a little leg to an upgrade to first class on our flight from Seoul to LAX.
12 hour flight?  In a chair that reclines into a bed?
So maybe our day didn't start off too well, but a near death experience surely isn't anything that can't be fixed with a reclining lazy boy chair, gourmet meals, and little fuzzy slippers to use when going to the little girls room.
Oh, and most importantly, even with the forfeit under our belts, we managed to pull off our best finish yet and little bit of green in our wallets.