Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My mother is such a peach..
Every year she always manages to do some silly/unusual things.
One of those things consistently being the adoption of a peach tree in Fresno.
She even names the tree.
The countdown in our household is not in preparation for a great family gathering to celebrate Christmas or for the celebration of a birthday.  The countdown in our household is in preparation for my parents to drive to Fresno and pick peaches in the sticky heat with their peach team "Peach Esprit De Corp" (self-proclaimed) which they have assembled.
I poke fun because it's so out of the ordinary yet such a Cindy Beck thing to do, but when it comes down to reaping the benefits of the peach themed feast that shortly follows her peach picking outing, I couldn't be more thrilled.
My mother usually sticks to the basics such as the standard peach cobbler and her legendary spiced peach preserves, however, this year she explored the realm of peachiness via peach salsa, peach chutney, spiced peaches, peach crumble, and spiced peach preserves.
All 700 pieces of fruit have been consumed.
Now that's impressive.