Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 is finally winding down and it's been an absolutely crazy year.  I have been up and down and in circles and every which way trying to redefine my life and figure out which path I am supposed to be taking.  It has all been so confusing.  Before, I loved blogging and talking about all my great adventures and the direction my life was going.  I was confident in where I was and thought I knew exactly which road I was running down.  Little did I realize, what I was doing was not what was going to ultimately make me happy and to be quite honest, I am still not sure what it is that is going to make me happy.  Now I struggle to find the words to share via blog because there is no coherent thoughts that calm the uneasy nerves racing through my body due to the vast amount of uncertainty that sits in my foggy future.  But through all the chaos and confusion, I have learned that it's going to be tough, but the best thing I can do is enjoy the ride and always take the risks.  At this age, none of us have anything to lose and I know my path with slowly get clearer as long as I don't give up and I keep doing what I love.  So here, today, now I try to do what is going to make me happy. 
I spend time with people I love and don't waste time on those I don't.
I eat when I am hungry.
I exercise daily.
And I am learning to love me and finding out what makes me tick.
So now that everyone is caught up on why my blog has been abandoned for the past month, I now get to share with you the exciting things I have been doing to fulfill my life and occupy the last 30 days.

Here's to new beginnings!