Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love rainy days where you get to post up on the sofa with a clean, makeup-less face, comfy clothes, an oversized furry blanket and a hot cup of tea.  
These days are even better if you were smart enough to get an L shaped sofa which provides you with that perfect corner pocket to curl up into.
Pillows on both sides....brilliant!
If you do have an L shaped sofa (like me) pat yourself on the back.  Best purchase you've probably ever made.
Now, if karma is playing in your favor because of your honorable act of reluctantly returning that $100 dollar bill you found on the sidewalk or keeping your promise to go back to the yogurt store later that same evening and buy an actual cup of yogurt after gorging on free samples a few hours earlier (hmmmm which one sounds more like Morgan?), then this rainy day comes on a Sunday when there is nothing other than football plastered all over your television screen.
It's like my dream date.  
I'm just missing a shirtless, sexy man rubbing my feet and a chef slaving away in the kitchen making my house smell delicious.
I certainly don't think that's too much to ask.