Friday, January 20, 2012

Stay Fit Tricks

It's all about convenience.  It's exactly the same as working out.  You are much more likely to go to the gym if it's one block away vs a 5 minute drive.  So, using that same mentality with food (because a girl has gotta eat)  I am going to eat whatever is the most convenient whether it be the McDonald's I pass on the way home or a little snack I have already prepared for myself in anticipation of my relentless hunger.  
Lately I have been packing a small container with carrots, celery and a to go pack of the Justin's organic almond butter in my bag so whenever I feel the need to eat I can reach for something healthy AND convenient.  I try to stay away from nuts because I have a tendency to go more for quantity when I start snacking so celery sticks keep me busy chomping away with limited caloric intake.  I also find that sharing my snack causes me to actually indulge in those mouth watering celery sticks instead of heading to the store for something a little more say.....satisfying?

Snack on something before heading out to dinner.  Restaurants tend to cook their food with butter and other heavy ingredients making their dishes taste more flavorful.  I like to make a bowl of steamed veggies to fill myself up before heading out to dinner.  It not only limits the amount of food I eat at dinner but it also results in a lower bill at the end of the night.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Not to mention it allows me to temporarily deceive my date (if this is a date) of the monstrous appetite of an athlete.'s like an inexpensive form of gastric bypass surgery.  I mean obviously it doesn't shrink your stomach but it certainly limits the space left for food.  It fills up your stomach causing you to feel fuller before eating.  Try to avoid drinking liquids 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your meal.  It will allow your body to digest your food better.

Music is the key to full body intense workouts.  It helps me get focused and creates an instant surge of energy to power through whatever i'm doing.  Pick out a play list of songs that get you excited and make you happy or engages your mind into what I like to call #BeastMode.  Hell, ladies, pick out a song that makes you feel sexy so when you're on that elliptical it makes you want to shake your ass.  There is nothing more motivating while working out than feeling sexy.  
Have fun with it.