Saturday, September 29, 2012

Minor Detail

Clearly I forgot a minor detail.
I know a lot of people are either holding their breath or rolling their eyes but you know what?
I don't care
I'm so happy.
I already found my dress and it's beyond perfect and we already set a date.
The best part is that my family is totally supportive and excited which was unexpected but a great surprise.
Not to mention, I'm marrying into a pretty awesome family.  I get butterflies knowing that I get to marry this man I am so in love with but I get really excited knowing I get to be a part of his family.  
(now i'm sure the eye rolling has increased)
But in true Bode form, the proposal was
1. unexpected
2. funny
3. unconventional

The "BIG QUESTION" came in a series of smaller questions and extended periods of silence.
Laying in bed, pitch black, 1 am......
......It went something like this....
Bode: I want YOU to ask ME to marry you
Morgan: Not going to happen sweetheart.  Goodnight
.....5 minutes later....
Bode: Should I turn on the lights to ask you?
Morgan: (laughing) You do whatever you want.
.....5 minutes later....
Bode: Will you?
Morgan: Will I what?
Bode: Marry me?
Morgan: (still laughing) Of course
.....5 minutes later.....
Bode: Sooooo should I put the ring on your finger?

He's so cute :)

Obviously there is a lot more to the story but that is the short version.  Everything about it was perfect.