Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello From Sölden, Austria

I just spent 5 minutes on the internet learning how to do an umlaut over my O.
I care that much.
Bode, Harper and I arrived in Munich, Germany two days ago.  The trip, per usual, was full of snafus.  I am starting to feel that if we don't encounter multiple issues, then something is really wrong.
But with good must come bad so I view it's opposition as our standard.....with bad, must come good.
And did GOOD come!!!
I mean not just good, 
or as the Europeans would say...
SUPER! (pronounced SOUP-AIR)

Audi gave us the most beautiful S6 Wagon which is perfect for...

1. Our 6 giant bags
2. The windy roads through all these mountains
3. The autobahn with NO SPEED LIMIT!!!! (And having a racer as a husband, he clearly has a need for speed)

After two hours of breaking in our new whip, we arrived at our accomodations in Sölden, Austria (notice the umlaut).  
Das Central was so welcoming.  We walked into our gorgeous room which had champagne and strawberries displayed on the table and an adorable card congratulating us on our marriage.  They even set up a bed with a water dish for little miss Harper.  She is so spoiled!

I can't wait to do a little more exploring.
Stay tuned for stories and pictures of our adventures!