Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tick Tock

The time passes so slowly as I wait for April to come. My days consist of laying in bed and watching television shows (most of the time I just watch the little circle go round and round waiting for the show to load), taking occasional naps, and walking to the store 100 feet from my house for a candy bar.

Searching for a candy bar in a different language that looks appealing and trying to figure out if there are raisins or other foreign objects that are not to my liking tends to be the highlight and most intellectually challenging part of my day. Most of the time I try not to leave my bat cave. Unfortunately this has seriously affected my bronze.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I also have two hours of volleyball a day around 7 every night.

This seems ideal to most but I am on the brink of going nuts. This kind of boredom forces you to do something blogging!