Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

Ta Ta 2009. HELLLOOOO 2010. WOW! The possibilities! So many things to see and do. Worlds to conquer and relationships to build. So many memories left back in 2009 that will be cherished and times that will be greatly missed but so much energy geared towards the new of 2010 with all of the possibilities to be had.

I reflect on 2009 and it was definitely my best year yet.
I got to start a new stage in my relationship with Matt. Planning a wedding has been a blast.
I received my diploma and graduated from Berkeley.
I learned the fantastic news of my sister's pregnancy with her soon to be daughter Stella!
Saved my kitty Olive who is now my cuddle buddy in my bat cave.
My dad saved his life by changing his lifestyle and survived heart surgery.
My mom joined him a short while after and is enjoying her new lifestyle. YOU GO MAMA!
I spent Christmas in Paris which was one of the most Spectacular trips I have ever been on.
I got my first job of playing professional volleyball. So fortunate in these economic times.
I have been introduced to a fantastic group of girls who are my teammates.
I accomplished my dream of getting a modeling contract with LA Models!! Woohooo
I have gotten to travel to places like Greece, Germany, and Egypt for volleyball. I am so grateful for these opportunities which I would otherwise not have.

And the list continues but I am sure you want to hear more about my crazy ideas and dreams for 2010!

2010 is my year for dreaming.
My brother will finally graduate which will probably result in some kind of drunken debauchery down Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley (you better believe I will post pictures of this).
I will become Auntie Morgan! Woohoo!
I AM GETTING MARRIED! An even bigger Woohoo!!
Not to mention Matt and I will be attending NINE other weddings this summer.
Potentially buy a house!
Then I am going to let Camilla pimp my pad.
Somehow smuggle my kitty Olive back into the US of A
Help Matt create a successful online business.
Learn how to dance! (Salsa, ballroom, hip hop) If you have seen my current moves you will highly encourage and possibly fund these classes.
Mom I love you but I definitely got your dancing genes.
Take up piano lessons. Watch out Beethoven!
Go Sky Diving
And then get deported again to some foreign land to play the sport I love. Darn :)

I am always so good at making my list of New Years Resolutions but ask me how good I am at sticking to them......HA! I last about a week. So with that is the challenge. It's called the Power of Less.

Step 1: Commit publicly to family and friends.

My List
  1. Never go to bed unhappy or angry with anyone.
  2. Be quick to forgive.
  3. Do something nice for someone every day. And then be a witch the rest of the day :) haha just kidding
  4. Do something nice for myself every day. Don't forget to LOVE me.
  5. Drop 15 pounds (so typical but damn would that feel good to accomplish!)
  6. Dream BIG and go after the impossible. - "Hard things take a long time to accomplish. Impossible things just take a little bit longer."
  7. Don't stress about my Wedding. Only worry about what I have control over and let the uncontrollable factors go (even in life)
  8. Keep in better contact with my friends when I am abroad.
I am sure the list will keep growing and growing. But now it is time for baby steps.

Lets make this year MAGICAL!

{Snapshots of 2009}