Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conquering the World One Spike at A Time

My job consists of long hours, balls, gyms, small spandex, crazy coaches and lots and lots of travel time.
I play volleyball.

Side Note: I feel like a total loser for using the term spike. I don't think I have heard that term since the 80's when I was in diapers.

Right now I am currently living in Cyprus which is a small island off of Greece. It is a concrete jungle here.
The local Cypriots explained to me that they made their buildings out of concrete so they would not be blown away by tornadoes like the buildings do in America.
There is dirt everywhere you look and they drive on the right side of the car down the left side of the road!
Imagine trying to adapt to that.

The food consists of Souvlaki, Sheftalia, and incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables. However McDonalds right down the street is still my go to. Plus they still fry the apple pies instead of bake them! Genius.
The streets are all lined with orange and lemon trees.

Most everyone speaks English and drives a very expensive car even if they can't afford it.

There are some of the most incredible beaches not far from where I live.
Perfect! Check out Nissi Beach!
Unfortunately the island is divided. In 1974, the Turkish invaded the island and now there is a division between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots. The Turkish side has a flag on the side of the mountain that faces the Greek side that is about two football fields long. They go so far as to light it up at night as if it was Christmas to get their point across. Day or night, this flag can be seen almost all throughout Nicosia which is the capital.
This hatred causes a great deal of tension and they want nothing to do with each other. They even go so far as to have different colored license plates.

This may all seem like fun and games. Most of it is. However, a majority of my time is FREE from distraction, work, traveling, and almost everything else in the world that keeps a person sane. If you are not normally a napper, you will quickly become one. If you are not a blogger, you will quickly become one. If you don't talk to your parents that much, you will quickly be engaged in hour long conversations with the people who used to make your life hell as a teenager. Anything to help pass the time.
(Just kidding Mom and Dad)

So now for all of you who went from envious to sympathetic, I must say it really isn't that bad. Yes you hear horror stories of playing sports abroad with disastrous coaches and payment problems but I was lucky enough to find a job with my best friend/fiance in a place that doesn't snow 6 months of of the 8 or 9 we will be abroad.
We do not get to live together but at least we are still in the same country. The distance we faced the past couple years while he was in Italy and Turkey and I still at Berkeley was miserable.

I must say, I do feel incredibly lucky to have a job and to be playing the sport I have loved for so many years as my profession.

~My Day Job~