Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Discovery of New Things...

Being in Cyprus has forced me to try and discover so many new things. One of these new discoveries, which is by far my favorite, is coffee.

The rich, nutty scent of it brewing.
The warm liquid running down your throat into your tummy.
The refreshing pick me up in the morning.
Oh! And the caffeine that kicks in about 15 minutes after your first cup.
It is absolutely fantastic.

Little did I know, and without much warning, this stuff is super powerful.
I was having 2-4 cups a day and running around like the energizer bunny.
The side effects didn't hit me until I didn't have time to make coffee one day and got a killer headache. OUCH!
I have been paying for it ever since by trying to significantly lower my intake so I don't get these headaches.

I think it is time to switch over to decaf.

Until then I will miss you coffee. It was truly wonderful while it lasted.