Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Than Template Deep

I am the context that flows from my mind to my pages
For I am not the straight and narrow type.
I flow from side to side only be centered by my surrounding borders.
These borders are my parents Ed and Cindy.
They have let me be free to think and feel and explore
but when needed they have brought me back to center only to let me stray again.

Pardon My Spectacle is my personality. My heart. My mind.
Examine my fonts.
Pardon: Personality-Quarky. My: Heart-Beautiful. Spectacle: Mind-Determined
I am different
From my appearance to my thinking to my actions.
I am not afraid.
I have been stared at most of my life.
It creates a Spectacle
surround me.
I am a mystery to most.

My final signature is my love for closeness with others.
I love to be personal and know someone inside and out.
I love to let people in who I trust.
The heart at the end is an exact replica of a tattoo I have on the inside of my ring finger.
It reminds me of love
I need love