Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Count your blessings and be Grateful.

I am so incredibly lucky...
to have grown up in the family I was born into
to be healthy and strong
to get a good education
to be surrounded by so much love
to have a family that cares and would go to the end of the earth for me
to have friends who would have my back no matter the situation
to be able to have three meals a day and not have to fight to survive
to live comfortably
to get to see the world
to be able to afford life's little luxuries
to be able to move and dance and run without any limitations
to be able to drink water and eat food without worrying if it will make me sick
to have a bed
to have shoes
to have clothing

So many every day things that are so commonplace for us are luxuries for so many other people in the world.

I mean if you really think about how blessed we are compared to a majority of the world and think about how much we can do to make a difference...we have so much POWER to make a change in so many people's lives!

With that said, Matt and I decided to start making that change. We sponsored a little girl to help provide the things necessary for her to live: food, education, clothing, health care. It is only costing us $30 a month to make her life better.

This is Ashly. She was born October 20, 2007.
We picked her because she had the same birthday as Matt.
She is living in Nicaragua and is an only child. She loves playing with dolls.

Unfortunately she is being raised in really poor living conditions, she has poor health, and minimal food.

But fortunately (insert Super Hero music here) Matt and I decided to make a difference in 2010.
I just love the way it makes me feel knowing that she is being given a chance to live a better life because of our contributions.

What I am most excited about is receiving regular pictures of her and her progress. I especially can't wait until she can write so we can get notes from her!