Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Once Upon A Dream

My friend Shannan and I used to think up these wild ideas.

My favorite crazy idea and one that I wish we carried out was moving to Hawaii after college for at least six months. We said that no man or profession would stop us from doing this.
Boy were we wrong.
We dreamed of cruising the beaches and working in resorts. We even started looking at apartments.
(Keep in mind we were in high school when this whole thing started)

This whole dream started with a trip to Maui where we fell in love with the island, the resort, and of course the pool boys.

We thought, "MAN! This is the LIFE!"

I wonder if all of this was an omen for what was to come.
Who would have thought I would have found a man who has the same passion for the island as me and now I have future family who live there!
Even though this may not have been what my dream originally consisted of, this is so much better!

What are some crazy high school dreams you and your friends had?