Monday, January 25, 2010

That Was Easy...

Yeah, easily one of the hardest things I have had to do to plan this wedding.
Who would have known that picking a bridesmaid dress would be nearly IMPOSSIBLE!
Not to mention the hate mail and the feelings of contempt from my bridesmaids for making them take multiple trips to the bridal salon to try on five new dresses every week.

Its not my fault they are all so gorgeous and look fabulous in all of these dresses. It would be hard for anyone to decide given the circumstances.

After requesting more and more trips to the bridal salon via email (because they all just looked ridiculously fabulous in all of the dresses) I started to feel so bad that I began to conclude each email XO BRIDEZILLA

So after three months of endless dresses, I think we finally have the dress picked out.
Not to mention one of my bridesmaids scored a hot date while trying on dresses.
Needless to say she isn't so frustrated with me anymore.

Thanks to my Maid of Honor, Camilla, I have this awesome mashup to get an idea for colors and dresses and such. Isn't it cool?