Friday, February 12, 2010

FlashBack Friday

I got this idea from Tia over at Stoic
I think it's great!
I mean you can't truly know someone without knowing where they came from.

So lets start at the early years of Morgan
I remember this day vividly. During this picture my brother squeezed one of those little chicks so hard that my mom had to peel his fingers off one by one to get the poor thing out of his grip. He would not stop crying after he lost his little feathered friend.
look at that mean face
I love him! He did become a stud football player in high school. MVP of CIF!!
Is he not the most precious thing ever? What happened to my little brother?
I am not at all proud of this picture. Truthfully I am embarrassed and not many people have ever seen this nor learned of the fact that I once was a cheerleader {insert ashamed face here}
Now this picture on the other hand I am so INCREDIBLY proud of. I would like you to take note of three things
*My amazing hair style. I think my hairdresser put a bowl on my head and just cut around the bottom
*Yes, I am posing as a tea kettle. Can you not see my handle and my spout? Oh and the lacy couture lid on my head?
*My cleavage. BA BAM!

I sucked my thumb until I was 10 and I dragged my brother around like a personal stuffed animal and Yes! I still occasionally moon people.
My present for when I finally stopped sucking my thumb! Jingles was amazing and the best kitty ever.
I hate pink and Jingles hates boas....but that didn't stop us from a good time
Oh, did I mention I started sucking my thumb again the day after I got my kitty? Those of you who know me.... you're not surprised.
The best brother ever! This is at my Great Grandma Tootsie's house. We used to pile up the leaves so high and play war running from mound to mound.
Most would think we had one Asian parent or we were in desperate need of glasses...
I still have not learned to open my eyes when smiling.

Well that was a nice trip down memory lane for me.
Thank you for letting me share xo