Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lets Celebrate!

{This pictures has nothing to do with my post but Matt did this last night during our little date night and I thought it was really cool}

Yesterday I had a few strokes of random luck.
I was just in the right place at the right time.

Clearly, I found these happenings reason enough to celebrate
so I headed over to Debbie's Cookies, the local American Bakery in Cyprus.

It is the most quaint little shop filled with glass cases with every cake, cookie, cupcake, pie, and muffin you could imagine on display.
{I keep wanting to try the banana chocolate chip muffin but they are always out}

The smell of fresh pastries casually sweeps into your car about a block away
and then you open the front door and the smell hits you in the face.

Once that door is open there is no turning back.

I half ran half walked to the store front once I got out of my car.
Stopped before entering to quickly calm my excitement
but that didn't help

At the front counter I proceeded to rapidly list off all of the items I wanted.
I paid and cheerfully collected my gold box full of goodies.
So content, I sat down and ate my....

six ooey gooey rainbow chip cookies
one jumbo piece of moist fluffy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
one jumbo piece of chocolate cake with butter cream frosting
a large warm cream cheese brownie
and a chocolate cupcake with green frosting.

Before I knew it EVERYTHING was gone.
I wish I had my camera with me to take a picture of all of my treats.

I think these kinds of celebrations are going to have to be few and far between
so until the next time I attempt to give myself diabetes, steamed broccoli will have to do to neutralize this sugar and calorie intake