Tuesday, February 9, 2010


{How I miss home and making s'mores with the best people in the world}

Today is 1 of 11 more games before I get to come home!!!
I am thrilled!
To think that I have already spent 5 months in Cyprus is shocking.
Yes, it has gone fast thus far but it almost seems as if the time goes by slower and slower every day.

Ahh I am so excited to go home!!!
...even to just receive the date of when I will be going home is exciting to me...

Anyways, my friend Camilla is doing a series called
"When I Grow Up"
and asked me to participate in it...
not like she needs the help getting people to enter
she is like the Tiger Woods of blogging (minus the adultery)
Her blog is AMAZING!
When you get a chance shoot over to her page and check out my